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Water Tanks: Plastic Water Storage Tanks

Water Tanks make up a major part of our polyethylene storage tank selection at Bailiff Enterprises. We sell plastic Water Tanks in sizes from 8 gallons to 12,000 gallons in size. All of our polyethylene plastic storage tanks are from FDA approved materials and are suitable for collecting and storing water for drinking and other household uses. We have plastic water tanks in many shapes and sizes. The tank shape can be Vertical (tall round tanks), Horizontal (long, low tanks with legs molded in) or Rectangular (box shaped). We also offer water tanks in specialty shapes. Sizes of water tanks that we offer range from 15 gallons all the way up to 15,000 gallons. We keep a large on-hand inventory of water tanks up to 10,000 gallons in size.

When considering what water tank to buy, you should take several factors into account. If the tank will be exposed to sunlight, you will want a tank that is opaque (not the natural milky white color of polyethylene). The dark color will block out sunlight that would encourage the growth of algae and bacteria. The most common solution is to use a black water tank. We keep a good supply of black tanks in stock but we are also able to make our tanks in blue, brown and many other colors if you wish. Colored tanks cost 10% more than the 'natural' tanks but there is no extra charge beyond that to make a specific colored tank for you as long as you select a 'standard' color. We can make your tank in as short a time as a week or two.

Your plastic water tank will require fittings so that you can attach the pipes or hoses that will carry the water to and from the tank. We stock a wide selection of fittings, valves, pumps, pipe and hoses. Most of our fittings are polypropylene or pvc. The pvc that we carry is schedule 80 and our prices are excellent. We invite you to compare our prices against those of the national home improvement chains. We will also install the fittings for you for a reasonable fee.

If you have special custom modifications that are required for your water tank, we can do them. The experts in our shop have decades of experience in the fabrication, modification and plastic welding skills that may be needed to deliver the perfect tank to you.

Please view the tanks listed under "Products" in the menu on the left. Each of these tanks is made from FDA approved materials. We make tanks that are thicker and sturdier than the average tanks from our competitors. We can usually ship tanks very quickly. Simple fittings are normally installed within 24 hours and the tank is ready for pick-up or delivery. Please understand that the prices listed do not include any freight charges and those costs are the responsibility of the buyer. We will be glad to assist in the delivery arrangements.
Our ordering procedures are simple. Select the tank you need (or call us for assistance) and place the order. We will fax or e-mail a confirmation or drawing of the tank so you can indicate the location of installation of any fittings you need. We will prepare the tank and either have it ready for pick-up or ship it directly to you.

Bailiff Enterprises' goal is to deliver Quality products that are a Value to our customers in a Convenient efficient manner.

Click here to contact us by E-mail or call us at 281-447-5372
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