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Rotational Molding

We are one of America's premier Rotational Molding company's. We have the latest in molding equipment supported by process technology that far exceeds most of the rest of our industry. Bailiff Enterprises accepts custom rotational molding projects. We offer turnkey services and take pride in our ability to offer quality workmanship with added value and convenience.

Whether you already have your own molds or are just at the concept stage, we can get you to the 'delivered product' stage. We have unique capabilities due to our special equipment and skilled staff. We will work closely with you to exceed your expectations. We already count some of the world's largest corporations as satisfied clients due to our ability to meet exacting standards..

Bailiff Enterprises is skilled in the use of specialized polymers and other production materials. We can perform finish work on products after they are molded in order to prepare them for shipment. Our ability to perform post-process services can dramatically reduce costs that would be present if products had to be shipped to another location for additional work.

One special capability that we have is the ability to coat the inside of your steel tanks with polyethylene. This coating reduces the corrosive effect that some chemicals would have on the steel surfaces. The coating can also enhance the life of steel tanks and make them less likely to develop leaks. We can perform this process on tanks up to 16,000 gallons, subject to some weight limitations.

If you currently have an product or part that is produced from fiberglass, stainless steel or other metallic products; let us show you the benefits of converting it to polyethylene or other plastic. There are almost always significant savings in terms of cost, weight, freight charges, life of the product and environmental friendliness.

Whatever your project and whatever it's current status, contact us to see how we can carry it to completion. We deliver quality and value, with an eye to customer convenience.

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