Industrial Plastic Storage Tanks - Bailiff Enterprises, Inc.

PVDF Tanks
PVDF (Poly Vinylidene Fluoride)
Trade names: Solef®, Hylar®, Kynar®

PVDF Tanks are available from Bailiff Enterprises. We can mold any of our plastic storage tanks from PVDF when requested.  We can also fabricate custom PVDF tanks from sheet material when you need a particular shape or size.

If your application requires a tank with the ability to withstand high temperatures, PVDF tanks may be the solution for you. PVDF is able to withstand working temperatures up to about 300 degrees depending on the application. PVDF is a very hard plastic that is generally comparable to Halar. It is relatively inexpensive when compared to other fluoroplastics. PVDF has good chemical resistance.  PVDF can also be welded using thermoplastic welding techniques.  This allows PVDF tanks to be customized as needed.

PVDF Tanks are not normally kept in stock but are molded on request. Lead time for molded PVDF tanks is normally 3 to 4 weeks after the receipt of an approved order.  Fabricated PVDF tanks may take longer depending on the shape, size and current shop load.