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The greatest majority of Plastic Chemical Storage Tanks, Plastic Water Tanks and Plastic RV Tanks are made from polyethylene.

Thermoplastic Weleding Gun

Our Poly Tank Repair Kit contains the items that you need to professionally repair damaged Polyethylene Tanks. The kit includes a thermoplastic welding gun and specially formulated polyethylene welding rod to fill gaps and join pieces.

In addition to the physical components of our Poly Tank Repair Kit, you get our expert advise regarding the repair of your tank. We give you step by step instructions for fixing your tank.

The welding gun in our repair kit runs on standard 110 volt electrical power. It is simple to operate. The welding rod included in the kit is made from polyethylene and is specially formulated to form a permanant bond with your polyethylene tank.

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You need to know that not every type of plastic tank can be repaired and even those that can normally be repaired may have damage that cannot be fixed. Gas and Fuel tanks are among the kinds of plastic tanks that you cannot repair.

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